International Law Lectures 

in Russia 

Leading Russian universities, with support of the European Society of International Law and Threefold Legal Advisors LLC, are pleased to introduce a new project International Law Lectures in Russia. 


As part of International Law Lectures, world leading international law academics, arbitrators and counsel at international courts will speak on topics of their professional and academic interest at Russian law schools. 


The first lectures of the Program have taken place in cooperation with Moscow State University of International Relations (MGIMO), Moscow State University, St Petersburg State University and Higher School of Economics. 

The project started on 17 October 2016 with a series of lectures by Martti Koskenniemi, a legendary international scholar and a leading representative of the critical studies school of international law.

All lectures are public but require registration in order to enter a university. Please see details on the individual lecture pages below. 


Subject to lecturers' permission, all lectures may be filmed and posted online.